Crestron Expands Zūm Lighting Control Portfolio with Introduction of Zūm Wired


Crestron’s new Zūm® Wired lighting control system leverages the Power of Ethernet, offering unmatched scalability and flexibility

Crestron today announces the launch of Zūm® Wired Lighting Control System, the newest addition to Crestron’s Zūm lighting control portfolio. Zūm Wired extends the capabilities and performance of the Zūm lighting platform with unprecedented scalability, flexibility, and ease of operation. The distributed lighting control system uses industry standards, such as 0-10V, DALI®, DMX and Phase control, merged onto an enterprise IoT network called Zūm™ Net. With this latest addition, customers now have the ability to choose between wired, wireless, or hybrid installations.

When networking the control system, Zūm Wired leverages the Power of Ethernet. From loading programming code to updating firmware and products to remote server management, the ethernet backbone provides superior speed, flexibility, and strength when compared to older RS485 network communication. The flexibility of Zūm Net is so great that the Zūm lighting control network can be used to host the communication of other IoT devices, such as people counters or advanced environmental sensors. Installation and setup are faster than ever; all Zūm devices, wired or wireless, can be controlled via the Zūm app, making it easy to set all room aspects and parameters, including presets, levels and sensor settings.


Additional key highlights include:

  • Color coded CAT5 cable connectivity for easy error proof installation
  • Flexible management via DHCP server
  • Simple standalone or network system options
  • Fully customizable experience via SIMPLwindows, S#Pro

To learn more about Crestron Zūm Wired and where to purchase, please visit:


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