Exploring Possibilities: The Journey of TMS Maritime

At TMS Maritime Solutions, we are not just a maritime digital solutions company; We are pioneers in excellence and innovation. We started as a technical support team in Palma de Mallorca, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. Our core values ​​– innovation, simplicity and dedication to customer satisfaction – have led us to redefine maritime connectivity and communication. We have evolved into an industry leader, known for pushing boundaries and achieving the extraordinary.

Understanding the unique challenges our clients face, our evolution has been marked by a visionary mindset. We have embraced new technologies and opportunities to better serve our customers and exceed their expectations. As we continue to shape the future of maritime digital solutions, our vision remains clear: deliver possibilities anywhere, foster innovation and transform the way our customers connect and communicate. With a focus on our customers, we are committed to delivering industry-leading solutions that exceed expectations and ensure maximum security and privacy.


Work day by day, pushing limits to reach new horizons.


Through the passion and commitment of our teams, we exceed customer expectations by integrating and developing innovative products and services that push the limits of technology further.

Why TMS?

More than 500 vessels managed

We specialize in managing a diverse fleet of vessels, including superyachts, over 100 boutique cruise ships and vessels.

More than 20 years of experience

Providing innovative communication and technology solutions for the maritime industry.

Benefit from our experience in the maritime sector

Our digital solutions enhance onboard experiences, improving interactions with passengers and facilitating connections.

Take advantage of our expertise in your industry

Benefíciate de nuestra amplia experiencia en el servicio a superyates, y buques. Las soluciones digitales de TMS Maritime Solutions elevan las experiencias a bordo, potencian las interacciones con los huéspedes y facilitan las investigaciones sin problemas